Why Do People Love Art

If you ask people why they love art, you will probably get answers such as “It is an expression of who I am”, “It relaxes me”, “I feel proud of myself after completing an artwork”, etc.

But what really is art? Most find it difficult to even define what art is. It’s common to hear people say that art is a form of expression. It is very subjective. One cannot simply say that this person’s expression looks better than what another does. There is no universal, single truth in the world of art.

Going technical, it’s possible to define art as a diverse set of activities performed by people, and the outputs of those activities usually involve a technical or imaginative skill. From this, it may be said that art is not a single entity. It takes on many forms.

Forms. A mosaic is an art form. The output is an image or a design formed by gluing together pieces of stones, beads, glass, or other hard materials. Painting has been a well-known art throughout history. Many iconic artists are painters. Paintings are usually made using oil in canvass, oil on wood, etc. Today, even the graffiti artworks seen on the walls and streets are also considered paintings. Drawing, they say, is a basic form of art.

One that wishes to embark on a painting career first has to practice his/her drawing skills. Jewelry making, pottery making, weaving, and photography are also forms of art. Entertainers, musicians, actors, singers, and dancers are referred to as artists because they really are. Acting, singing, and dancing are all forms of art. Apart from those mentioned, there exist more forms of art, which are practiced and recognized worldwide.

Artists. Names like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh are known in the field of painting. Actors like Robert de Niro, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Julia Roberts have made their marks in the film industry. The field of music introduced Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and John Lennon to the world. These are the artists idolized by the newer and younger generation. They serve as the standard to reach and beat, and their stories serve as inspiration for the younger ones to get there.

The Underrated. There are those art forms that everybody talks about, while there those that are not appreciated much and are barely known. There are the graphic artists who make the movies, TV ads, magazines, etc. are beautiful to everybody. They are the audio artists who make sure that everything you hear in the movies, TV, online, at the mall, etc sound good.

These people, and more, often get the least to none recognition from all the work they have done. They are artists in every definition possible and they are actually growing in number because they love their craft; and with modern day technology, they are actually more needed than ever.

The Bottom Line. Further analyzing the common answers people give as to why they love art, it all boils down to five main points. First, it pushes people to take on the challenge. Creating a painting so beautiful and meaningful that it lasts longer than the artist does is not an easy task. For actors, winning awards is the prize they wish to reap. It is indeed a fulfillment to outshine all other actors in the industry. This is why they never stop trying, and thus they improve. Take for example Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been in the industry for decades, created many brilliant movies, yet he won his first Oscars award just recently. He took on the challenge, so he got what he deserved.

Second, art makes people observe down to the tiniest and least details. Artists often get their inspiration from the environment, their surroundings, and from details most often missed by the busy eyes. Third, they forget their worries. Once they submerge themselves into the artwork or project before them, most people say their thoughts and emotions change from stressed to peace and calm.

Fourth, art is another form of communication. Most say that art actually overcomes the barriers of language, race, and culture. Through artworks, one can show to other people what he/she cannot fully express in words. Art is a universal language. Lastly, a finished artwork or art piece is something one can be proud of. After all the hard work and effort poured by the artist unto his work, the satisfaction and appreciation by other people is definitely worth it all.

What do all these things mean? It’s quite simple – finding a single, definitive meaning of art is impossible. After all, it could be anything that the beholder or the creator wishes it to be.

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