Best ways to expand your art knowledge


The art can represent the expression of own imagination or creativity. In recent years, the arts can be considered as one of the simple creative activities for the building blocks of the child development. When it comes to the development of the next generation of children’s grow up, appreciate the visual aesthetics and learning to create is more important. If you want to expand your children’s art knowledge, here are the best ways for you that include:

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There are plenty of literatures available for arts that describe everything to do with art out there. All you have to do is to just go ahead to the local library and find a lot of books about art. Instead of reading up on every topic, you just find the book for beginners that provide common overview of art without going into too much detail. These books can be very interesting and informative that helps you to make practicing on art.

Do an art course

Doing an art course provides many academic approaches to art. The art courses tend to be more focused as well as educational that offer lots of information for you. It does not matter on what kind of art course you take, whether it is practicing art or history art. But the great thing about art course is fully based on learning. Even the man art courses will provide you an opportunity to study more about the branches of art.

Visit galleries

Visit art galleries are one of the greatest ways to expand your art knowledge. Many art galleries display the operation of art with a short overview of the work. These galleries provide the audio commentaries that are available through headsets or any other device. By visiting galleries, you can also get a chance to see all types of art works.

Learn by practicing

You can appreciate the art work by looking at them. You must understand the creative process, once you have made the art works of your own. One of the best ways to understand everything about a painting is to have some painting experience for yourself.

Practicing art brings you amazing experience even that you cannot get it from reading. It also provides you a better understanding of what is going on creating an art work.

Join an art club

Join an art club can be a quite fun experience for everyone. It is really useful, because you are spending time with likeminded people who love art. If you are a beginner, art club can be a right way to expand your art knowledge.

Why art galleries are created?

Today, most of the people wish to visit the art galleries. Below are some surprising reasons to consider planning a visit a gallery nearest to you.

  • Experience the famous art

In the art galleries, you will meet many artists behind the arts. It is a right place to meet the future artists before they become popular.

  • See the best current art for free

Before the art can be approved in a specific gallery, it has passed all the processes to find its worth as well as quality.

  • Get a sense of creativity

The art is a great way of inspiration by just visiting the galleries. By visiting the galleries, you will get a chance of creativity energy that will boost up you and then begin to develop.

  • Encourage the developing talent

Now, the encouragement is in several ways. The artist is always happy, when the people who enjoy viewing their works. It will be a great option to get different opinions from several individuals.

Importance of art

The art can actually represent the interaction between the four common aspects of society and individuals. The society can be driven by the government, powerful elites, cultural producers, dependent masses and the artists. Even this art is uniquely positioned to make a move of people like excitement, inspiring, outrage, stirring new queries and provoking interest and so on. The artists can also be strengthening by simply pushing the people to act and make significant political and cultural contributions. Therefore, this can makes the art more powerful, which makes the drastic changes in the society.

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Best Computer Games


The listing of the best computer games are based on simple yet relevant parameters like reviews, popularity, metric scores, total sales and so on. All of these parameters should be taken into consideration in order to distinguish the best among the best. It will also make the process easier by categorizing the games based on their genre before applying the set parameters. With that said, here are the best computer games for you.

Racing games are becoming more realistic as is the case with Forza Horizon 3. This adrenaline-packed, open world racing simulation is set in Australia. The game has a total of 350 cars available for the player to try out. Forza Horizon 3 will no doubt give you a rush as you race behind the wheel of the world’s most exotic sports cars and other fantastic vehicles. Other racing games that you can try are DiRT Rally, Project CARS and Rocket League.

League of Legends is the king of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games. This popular freemium game let the players assume as summoners with their unique champions to face off against a team of opposing summoners with their own champions. The goal is very straightforward and that is to destroy the nexus of the other team found at the center of their base. There are other worthy MOBA games for you to play with and these are DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and Smite.

For massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), the subscription-based World of Warcraft: Legion reigns supreme. Legion is actually the sixth expansion of this famous online fantasy role-playing game. You get to control a character avatar as you set out on an adventure defeating monsters, accomplishing quests and conversing with NPCs and other players. Like most RPGs, your character avatar do level up. Other similar games worth considering are Final Fantasy XIV, The Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2.

Overwatch is an online team-based first-person shooter (FPS) game with a small touch of MOBA. Like most competitive games, two teams of six players select their heroes. These heroes have different classes like Offense, Defense, Tank and support. They must defend or overwhelm control points on the map or they can escort or stop a payload successfully in order to win. These heroes have different classes like Offense, Defense, Tank and support. Other well-known FPS games are Doom, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and the recently launched Resident Evil 7.

There are different kinds of simulation games that includes farming, city-building, flying and so on. Cities: Skylines, as its name implies, is an open world sandbox city-building and management simulation game. The player starts with a small plot of land which increases as he progresses through the game until he builds a city. If you love this kind of game do check Stardew Valley, Kerbal Space Program and Besiege.

There are a lot of awesome role-playing games (RPG) but the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is no doubt right there among the best of the genre. The player takes on the role of Geralt of Rivia, a witcher (monster hunter) of renown. Geralt will be facing monsters as he continues his quest to find his missing lover and adopted daughter. This game has so many side quests and main missions to satisfy any RPG fan. Dark Souls 3, Grim Dawn and Pillars of Eternity are also similar games for this genre.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is another open world sandbox game that is more action-oriented and set in a fictional city called Los Santos. The single-player story will allow players to control and switch between three characters during missions and in some events. GTA V is among the top games of all time. Love action? Don’t miss out playing Dishonored 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Real Time Strategy (RTS) games are a different kind of strategy games. There are turn-based strategy and even 4x strategy-based games of this genre. Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void is a juggernaut in this category. Legacy of the void is a standalone expansion for Starcraft 2 after Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. This awesome sci-fi RTS game focuses primarily on the Protoss Hierarch Artanis as he raced against time to stop the malevolent Xel’ Naga known as Amon. Legacy of the void concludes the epic saga of Starcraft. There are also other epic RTS games like XCom 2, Civilization 6 and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

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Things to know about the pencil art

pencil art

In fact art is the various range of the human activities in making auditory, visual or performing the artifacts which is expressing author technical or imaginative skill. There are different kinds of the arts are there but many of the people are showing interest to pencil art. In fact artist charcoal is the main form of the dry medium art which made it with the ground organic materials. In fact this kind of the art is applied to the graphic work which is fully executed at the dry medium which is including graphite, silverpoint, charcoal, pen and pencil. If you are visiting your nearest museum then most of the paintings are done at pencil. Actually pencil art is the economical hobby and people no need to invest set of colors or brushes. Many of the people are having hobby of pencil art. While you are drawing then you must use the premium quality of pencil because it can only offer amazing art. There are different kinds of the charcoal is used at the art medium which is including

  • Compressed
  • Pencil
  • Vine

Basically compressed charcoal is also known as the charcoal ticks and it is helpful to enhance your art quality.

What are the techniques involved at the pencil art technique?

Now a day many of the people are showing interest to the pencil art however it is easy to draw. If you are a newbie to this art then it is necessary to know about the sketching techniques. People are using different kinds of the sketching techniques which is including

  • Speed
  • The line of the gravity
  • Contrapposto
  • Line quality
  • Positive shapes versus negative shapes
  • Composition and concepts

In a traditional art is in the form of visual arts and it is having creation of the objects or images which is including sculpture, photography, printmaking, painting and other kinds of the visual media. Art is having numerous numbers of the functions via its history and people might also easily draw this art. Now a day people might use colored art and if you are a beginner to this art then you must choose the high quality of pencil. While drawing an art, people must select the acid free materials because art could be available at your paper for long time. In a general rule always try to stay away from the black because it is the general color scheme for pencil art. When compared to the charcoal, pen, ink and chalks most of the people are using pencil art in less number. In fact pencil art is introduced in 18th century and there are vast numbers of the people are using this technique such as miniaturists, painters, designers and architects. With the help of this art people might draw whatever their vision and what they feel. At the same time people can show off their feeling, thoughts and emotions via pencil art. This kind of the art is helpful to increase your motor skills. If you are using different kinds of the utensils for drawing such as charcoal, brushes and pencils. One of the studies says that drawing is sufficient to offer the mental health benefits. In case you are looking to draw excellent art then it is required little practice. Most of the education programs and museums are having this art and this kind of the drawing is cost effective one because it is not required too many colors. If you are following the below techniques then you might obtain amazing art such as

  • Blending
  • Rubbing
  • Hatching
  • Erasing or blending

Hatching is the most important technique which is having thin or dark lines and if you are done with the charcoal then it could come out with darker and smoother.

Everything to know about the pencil art

In a present world many of the people are showing interest to the pencil art and creative arts are categorized into the different categories such as styles, genre, media and form. Actually art form is referred to the elements of art and it is covering the physical composition of artwork. If you are having idea about the pencil art then you might draw amazing images.

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How Beauty and Nudity is Portraited in Art

visual art blog post blue abstract

Even in the earliest points in history, nudity of both men and women were already one of the primary subjects of artists. Practically every civilization was able to produce artists that gave the world their own versions of art in sexually explicit imagery. Across several media – sculpture, painting, photography, etc. – nudity in art has depicted the social standards of the era generally in terms of defining beauty, establishing morals and principles, and displaying of religious beliefs.

Gender. It was common in the ancient times to see both male and female nude artworks, especially in ancient Greece. Illustrations of the naked body were often used in symbolic ways. Take for example the Roman Goddess Venus. She was most often the subject of nude artworks through sculpture and paintings. Venus was the center of several religious festivals in Rome.

The goddess represented beauty, sex, love, fertility, and prosperity. In general, it can be said that female nude artworks were most known for the sense of sexuality it gives to the general audience. On the other hand, for much of art history, nude men took on the aggressive and active roles – athletes, warriors, winners, or martyrs – compared to the more passive depiction of nude women.

One famous example is the bronze sculpture David by Donatello. It was the first unsupported standing work showing the hero David stepping on Goliath’s head after he defeated the giant. The sexuality of a nude male artwork was not given much attention as people focused more on the composition and form of the piece. The origin of the male nude is the perfect human athlete, while the female nude traces its roots to the embodiment of procreation.

Era. Through the passing of time, nude artworks have evolved in purpose, interpretation, and general acceptance.

Ancient times – The Beginnings. It’s possible to trace the relevance of nudity in art to the appreciation of the ancient Greeks for the human body, predominantly the male, during athletic competitions held at their religious festivals. It was common for the Greek athletes to compete in nude as it was considered the representation of everything considered best in all of humanity. This was when artists began to make artworks (sculptures, mostly) of naked athletes celebrating beauty in terms of glory, might, and excellence. The female nude can be traced back to times where people would worship goddesses and fertility deities.

Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The spread of Christianity during the middle ages affected the perception to artworks with nudity as the subject. Brought about by the conservatism and holy treatment of the religion to the human body, the appearances of nude in art began to dwindle. Then came Renaissance that gave birth to the most famous artists and literary men and women. It was considered as the rebirth of art and literature. The Renaissance era brought nude artworks back in the limelight. Most of the famous nude art pieces – such as David by Michelangelo – were made in this period.

Baroque and Later Art. Since the Renaissance period, the nude remained an important focus of art. Art academies of the period put more emphasis in developing the skills of the young artists in drawing, sculpting, or painting nude pieces. The late 19th century brought challenges to nude as a form of art when ideals, virtues, and morals were thrown into the field as opposition to this form of art.

Media. Since then until today, there are different methods of expressing nudity in art.

Painting. The ideal medium for nude painting, historically, was oil paint. The surface becomes more like a skin once paint is blended and the layered.

Sculpture. The durable material of a sculpture made it possible for artworks of the past to make it until today. In some parts of the world, such as South Asia and India, it has been a tradition to adorn female nude sculptures with bracelets, charms, and other accessories.

Drawing. Some artists observe a live model and then create art – this known as live drawing. If line, form, and composition are the focus instead of the subject person, it is known as figure drawing.

Photography. Ever since the invention of cameras in the 19th century, nudity has almost immediately became a subject of photography.

Video Games: Since Nintendo came to the seen, arts in video games has revolutionized. Along with the internet, nudity in video games gradually rose. For an example of how nudity is portrayed in art form in video games can be found on the sex games website Sex Games Now. An example of porn games portraying art can be found on Free Porn Games. These sex games and porn games site show high-end nudity in computer graphic arts.

New Media. The late 20th century has given artists several new media they can make use of in creating artworks. Some examples are video art, performances, and installations.

The artist and the art. In every category, there are always those who stand out. Here are some:

  • Rembrandt. Most famous work is Bathsheba with King David’s Letter, an oil in canvas painting.
  • Jan van Eyck. Known for Figure of Eve: the Ghent Altarpiece in oil on wood.
  • Antonio Canova. Creator of the well-known The Graces, made of marble.
  • Benvenuto Cellini. He made the bronze sculpture Perseus with the head of Medusa.
  • Bertel Thorvaldsen. Jason with the Golden Fleece was his most famous creation. It was a marble sculpture.

In this day and age, those nude art pieces mentioned above cost a fortune. This shows how much people give value and appreciate nude in art. There is still opposition, especially in the conservative and religious parts of the world, but this has not hindered the beauty in all forms people across all walks of life see in nudity as an art.

Why Do People Love Art

If you ask people why they love art, you will probably get answers such as “It is an expression of who I am”, “It relaxes me”, “I feel proud of myself after completing an artwork”, etc.

But what really is art? Most find it difficult to even define what art is. It’s common to hear people say that art is a form of expression. It is very subjective. One cannot simply say that this person’s expression looks better than what another does. There is no universal, single truth in the world of art.

Going technical, it’s possible to define art as a diverse set of activities performed by people, and the outputs of those activities usually involve a technical or imaginative skill. From this, it may be said that art is not a single entity. It takes on many forms.

Forms. A mosaic is an art form. The output is an image or a design formed by gluing together pieces of stones, beads, glass, or other hard materials. Painting has been a well-known art throughout history. Many iconic artists are painters. Paintings are usually made using oil in canvass, oil on wood, etc. Today, even the graffiti artworks seen on the walls and streets are also considered paintings. Drawing, they say, is a basic form of art.

One that wishes to embark on a painting career first has to practice his/her drawing skills. Jewelry making, pottery making, weaving, and photography are also forms of art. Entertainers, musicians, actors, singers, and dancers are referred to as artists because they really are. Acting, singing, and dancing are all forms of art. Apart from those mentioned, there exist more forms of art, which are practiced and recognized worldwide.

Artists. Names like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh are known in the field of painting. Actors like Robert de Niro, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, and Julia Roberts have made their marks in the film industry. The field of music introduced Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and John Lennon to the world. These are the artists idolized by the newer and younger generation. They serve as the standard to reach and beat, and their stories serve as inspiration for the younger ones to get there.

The Underrated. There are those art forms that everybody talks about, while there those that are not appreciated much and are barely known. There are the graphic artists who make the movies, TV ads, magazines, etc. are beautiful to everybody. They are the audio artists who make sure that everything you hear in the movies, TV, online, at the mall, etc sound good.

These people, and more, often get the least to none recognition from all the work they have done. They are artists in every definition possible and they are actually growing in number because they love their craft; and with modern day technology, they are actually more needed than ever.

The Bottom Line. Further analyzing the common answers people give as to why they love art, it all boils down to five main points. First, it pushes people to take on the challenge. Creating a painting so beautiful and meaningful that it lasts longer than the artist does is not an easy task. For actors, winning awards is the prize they wish to reap. It is indeed a fulfillment to outshine all other actors in the industry. This is why they never stop trying, and thus they improve. Take for example Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been in the industry for decades, created many brilliant movies, yet he won his first Oscars award just recently. He took on the challenge, so he got what he deserved.

Second, art makes people observe down to the tiniest and least details. Artists often get their inspiration from the environment, their surroundings, and from details most often missed by the busy eyes. Third, they forget their worries. Once they submerge themselves into the artwork or project before them, most people say their thoughts and emotions change from stressed to peace and calm.

Fourth, art is another form of communication. Most say that art actually overcomes the barriers of language, race, and culture. Through artworks, one can show to other people what he/she cannot fully express in words. Art is a universal language. Lastly, a finished artwork or art piece is something one can be proud of. After all the hard work and effort poured by the artist unto his work, the satisfaction and appreciation by other people is definitely worth it all.

What do all these things mean? It’s quite simple – finding a single, definitive meaning of art is impossible. After all, it could be anything that the beholder or the creator wishes it to be.

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